Residential week – The Stables by AR Design Studio

Me and my colleague contributor, Andreea, decided to do a series of week articles dedicated to different types of architectural buildings.
What could one think of a better way to start these series other than residential. A house is a place we call home, the center of out core universe, our most intimate moments.

First project in Residential Week series is in fact a refurbishment project of what once used to be a 1946 Grand National Winner ‘Lovely Cottage’.

Architect: AR Design Studion
Brief: Private Internal and External Alterations, Hampshire
Location: Winchester, England
Completion: March 2013

‘The Stables’, has been transformed into a warm and welcoming 3 bedroom home.

The brick façade is punctuated with panels of glazing, where the individual doors to each horse’s space supposedly were. Instead, the doors along with other wooden elements have been transposed as dividers between rooms. A hinged pen of sorts shepherds the kitchen, and the deep brown – almost black – hues are a soulful note accompanying the modern harmony of polished concrete floors and white furnishings.

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2 thoughts on “Residential week – The Stables by AR Design Studio

  1. a very inspiring “canvas” to create a home! i would really like to see it after someone has lived there; with all their artifacts and habits leaving a mark on the interior.

  2. I agree, it does look a bit too ‘hygienic’, but then again, presentation photos are very often like this, one has to work out his imagination to create a picture of a inhabited space. Thank you for your feedback!

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