Gangjin Children’s Centre

Location: Gangjin, Jeonranamdo, South Korea
Year: Oct.2012 – Jan. 2013
Area: 223 m2
Structure: HM
Interior: SM interior
Exterior: team of Ra Kwonsu
Window: WIT
Lighting: SAMIL / LIMAS

The Gangjin Children’s Centre in Maryang was designed as a replacement for another centre that was destroyed during a hurricane in 2012. With the help of national television and radio station SBS and charity organisation Childfund Korea, the town was able to raise enough money to construct a new building in under a year.

JYA-RCHITECTS used sketches made by local children – most of which showed house-shaped buildings – to form the basis for the design. In response, the architects designed the two-storey centre with a zigzagging sequence of gabled roof profiles, then added a rooftop terrace and slide.

On the ground floor are a series of multi-purpose activity spaces, which can be partitioned with white curtains. One room features wooden bleacher seating that helps to create a makeshift performance area, as well as a row of glazed doors that open out to a playground.

As the building looks out towards the harbour, the architect added a few references to the sea in the design. An assortment of blue cladding panels cover the facade, plus fish-shaped objects hang from the exposed wooden ceiling rafters.Here’s a project description from JYA-RCHITECTS:

Gangjin (Sannaedeul) Children Centre

Sannaedeul Children’s Centre was the most precious place for children from low-income families in Maryang, a small seaside village located at the far southeast end of the Korean peninsula. It was the only playground, learning arena and shelter for the children. The centre acted as another home and community in which they shared and grew hopeful dreams with one another.
Fortunately, the news was heard by Korea’s major broadcast “SBS” and “Childfund Korea” who agreed to sponsor and launched the project of rebuilding the centre. Many other public and private companies also joined the project, giving a momentum to build the children’s dream again.
The center was aimed to have bright and warm interiors by getting enough natural lighting of the seaside through wide windows. The multi-purpose hall of a ground floor was extended to open outdoor space. And the study room on the second floor was connected to a terrace with a slide on which the children can play, looking over the most beautiful seaside view of the world. We hoped that there is no border between inside and outside space as well as playing and studying for children in the centre. Via, photos


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