Hotel/Restaurants Week: We Hostel/ Sao Paulo

I am a big fan of AirBnb but show me a nice, contemporary, clean hostel and I’ll be more than happy to enjoy my short stay in it!

The House: The 1910’s mansion had its original room disposition nearly unaltered, though it was completely renovated in terms of interior design and amenities. The interior design, signed by the young architect Felipe Hess, is vintage and plain composed of mobile panned across the city. Contemporary pieces blend to this scenario, renewing the atmosphere that part of the eclectic style of the mansion, goes through the lines of retro furniture and culminates in the practicality of hosting solutions.

The lighting project signed by Ana Lucia is also a good surprise. The First thing a guest see by the entrance is an amazing chandelier made out of uorescent tubes hanging on the air.

Acommodation: The WE has 46 vacancies total, with shared rooms accommodating a maximum of 8 people. There is one en suit just for women, with a balcony; one room for couples, with a queen size bed and a huge balcony; one private room and 6 shared dorms. All of them are equipped with individual lockers, wall sockets and reading lights.

Innovation and interactivity: The creative direction of Rodrigo Marangoni makes a connection between the real and the virtual by using QrCodes on strategic spots in the house. The guests can access custom set lists by reading the codes. In addition, maps of Metro service and sights can also be downloaded on the guest’s phone, making it easier to foray through the city.

The structure: The hostel provides towels, bed linen, wifi, breakfast and bed tidy free of charge to every guest. The WE team has been strictly trained to help – either with issues related to their stay at WE or with information and tips that will help to provide the best possible travel experience.

Localization: Located at Vila Mariana, one of Sao Paolo’s most traditional neighborhoods, the hostel sits on a peaceful corner, right beside a bike rental spot and close to many of the city’s famous touristic spots, as well as the metro and domestic airport. But the important thing to stress here is that the WE is extremely close to Parque do Ibirapuera, and just one block away from the bohemian Joaquim da Távora Street, with its many bars and exciting nightlife.

Common areas: Each common area has its own identity and exclusive items, such as the chalkboard on the ceiling of the glass room, the bar at the eat&drink area, the comfort of TV room and the special décor at the lounge. To sum up, everything was designed to make your stay in Sao Paolo as pleasant as it can be. Via



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