Special Week/ Tears and saints/ Bucharest/ Romania

Romanian traditional architecture blending with modern trends

Tears and Saints is an atypical restaurant from Bucharest, a perfect mix of Romanian traditional furniture and decors with contemporary elements, a place which attracts Romanian and foreign customers not only with a big variety of delicious plates, but especially with its warm and cheerful atmosphere. The designer is a young and appreciated Romanian architect, Cristian Corvin, famous for his original and attractive designs.

A short description given by the architect:

“Lacrimi si Sfinti (Tears and Saints) is a restaurant serving modern Romanian cuisine. It had to be traditional and contemporary with a bit of wit. It has all the stereotypes of the Romanian traditional restaurants including folkloric artifacts, except they are built in LEGO pieces, from carpets hanging on the wall to the trophy animal heads. Most of the furniture is old authentic Romanian gathered in various regions of Romania, from Oltenia to Transylvania.”

The restaurant is located in the old part of the town, inside a rehabilitated 19′s  century mansion, big enough to roof more than 100 seats, a big kitchen and a bar. From the beginning they’ve decided not to use new wood to decorate the interior or manufacture the furniture, but old and recycled pieces that they carefully reconditioned. All windows and doors are parts of some traditional houses, the beams once belonged to an old barn and even the floor is made of lacquered reused wood.

A big part of the furniture is old and authentic Romanian refurbished and painted to match the colors inside. There are also areas where a traditional wooden table is mixed with some modern Eames chairs, resulting a coupling that looks great and catchy.

Look close to the walls! You will be surprised to discover that all the carpets, trophy animal heads and other folkloric artifact which set the traditional Romanian atmosphere are a bit unusual. The architect had a great idea: instead of using original pieces, he built them in LEGO pieces-using more than 16000 pieces, to make the place a bit modern.



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