The Rock

In the spirit of summer I offer you The Rock, a post I am reblogging from my photography blog. Enjoy!


I travelled in Tanzania a couple of years ago. One of the must see places was, of course, Zanzibar. I wont even start telling you how much I fell in love (still am) with this little, bright, warm, lovely island. We were 3 friends wandering up and down the island in our rented old, small SUV when, stopping to check up on this beach we noticed from afar a house in the middle of the water.
It was low tide, lucky us, we were able to actually see what’s happening inside. It is a charming restaurant, expensive as hell, for zanzibarian standards, for our standards anyway, but we couldn’t help but staying for a fresh passion fruit juice. Enjoy the view from The Rock, the breeze it’s cool, the wind is refreshing, the horizon is inviting to start dreaming eyes wide open!


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