Summer week/ Babylonstoren

If it’s summer then let’s make a trip to South Africa to Babylonstoren. You ill love it!

Babylonstoren is one of the best preserved werfs (farm yards) in the Cape Dutch tradition. Not only the manor house from 1777, but pioneer structures all the way back to the founding of the farm in 1690. The Koornhuis (for storing wheat and hay) and the old cellar are exceptionally fine. An ornate fowl house, pigeon loft, leaning bell tower and historic gates embellish a traditional courtyard surrounded by a low, whitewashed wall.

Cape Dutch architecture is named for the style of the 17th and 18th century Cape of Good Hope. Characteristic features include soft, whitewashed walls of stone or primitive brick, ornate gables and thatched roofs. Interiors are pleasantly cool in summer (due to immensely thick walls) and are heated by open hearths in winter.
Babylonstoren has an exceptionally well-preserved werf. It consists of a main residence, old cellar, wheat store and row of services, bell, fowl pen and dove cote surrounded by the traditional low whitewashed ring fence of stone.

More recently a disused kraal was converted into the restaurant Babel.
A garden of diversity pays tribute to the gardening traditions of the Cape. For centuries this was the halfway station between Europe and Asia, where ships would replenish with sweet water, vegetables and fruit.



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