Safe Haven Library/ Thailand

Yet another thoughtful and inspiring project!

Location: Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand
Client: Safe Haven Orphanage Project: Library
Cost: 29,000 NOK / $ 4,800
Construction period: 12-29. January 2009
Built by: Students and tutors from NTNU In January 2009, invited TYIN 15 architect students from NTNU to participate in a workshop at the Safe Haven Orphanage, under the guidance of Professor Hans Scottish architect Sami Rintala and. The two features that were most needed at the orphanage was a library and a new sanitary building. We divided ourselves so TYIN concentrated on a bathhouse with fellow workers from Noh Bo, while the workshop participants were responsible for the library.Library building stands on a foundation of stones from the site, with a thin concrete slab of concrete. Brick walls of plastered concrete blocks cools the building during the day, while the open bamboo facade to the west provide good ventilation. Local jerntre constitute the solid frame construction and a comfortable cover under little feet.Bookshelves runs along the walls of the height, while the floor area is open so that it leaves room for different activities. The general entrance area creates a comfortable buffer between inside and outside, and shares the main floor in a data area and a larger main compartment.
The key for Tasanee is to provide food and education. In the library the children at Safe Haven Orphanage now have a place to do homework, use a computer with internet and reading books in different languages. In addition, the new building also had an important role as a meeting place and is frequently used for play and craft work.Via


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