Boathouse on Aure

Location: Aure Municipality, More og Romsdal 
Client: Stein Erik Sørstrøm 
Project: Boathouse 
Cost: 250,000 NOK 
Construction Period: April 2010 – March 2011 
Built by: TYIN tegnestue Architects 
Architects: Marianne Løbersli Sørstrøm Yashar Hanstad

Traditionally, the Norwegian boathouses been a place for the storage of boats and fishing equipment. In recent years, several wanted to use these buildings for recreation centers in summer. Located at the northwest coast lay an old boat from the mid-1800s, which was in such poor condition that the owner decided to demolish and build new. The old boathouse simple form, excellent location and honest use of materials were important sources of inspiration for the design of the new building. It was placed on the main structure, the gates of the gable wall and the flexible long facade.

Plot shielded and inaccessible location made it desirable to reuse most of the materials from the property. Among other materials from the old boathouse used to formwork wall, this provides a structure in concrete surface reminiscent of the original boathouse. Meanwhile, the old windows from the farm collected and sorted. The location of these were eventually determine the distance between the columns in main structure.

During the demolition work was discovered that the boathouse was built on clay. The new building rests therefore on eight feet long H-profiles, ranging from mountain to mountain. Boathouse whitewashed main building is built on the site. To facilitate foundation work rests a portion of the structure directly in the bedrock.

As exterior cladding on walls, ceilings and floors are used Norwegian pine that is impregnated with a product based on environmentally friendly bio-waste from sukkerrørsprodusjon (Kebony). Cladding requires no maintenance and will over time provide the boathouse a silver-gray patina. The ports on the long facade swung in and out using simple steel fittings and bolts. The patio illuminated through canvas cotton, and the old boathouse steel roof protects the ports from the weather.
150 years old linings from the old boathouse is used as the internal surface and the rear casing are a significant number of structure bracing. Base plate resting on old railway sleepers and provides a four meter long workbench for gutting fish and storing gear.
A flexible process with close follow-up of the site has been crucial to the final result. Rational choice in terms of materials, design and details given boathouse its architectural expression. Via


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