Greek Street decorated

London’s 19 Greek Street gallery has a bold new look. The six-floor Soho townhouse is currently dressed in a colourful frock of textiles from Danish textile giant Kvadrat for the duration of the London Design Festival. Conceived by German product designer Werner Aisslinger in collaboration with the gallery, the installation – titled ‘Architecture, Re-imagined’ – challenges the notion of architectural uniformity while looking at the idea of up-cycling, posing the question, ‘what if buildings could wear  temporary facades like outfits?’.

The installation ties in neatly with Nina Tolstrup’s ‘Re-imagined’ furniture collection that is on show inside the gallery, for which fabrics are used to dress up recycled furniture.



2 thoughts on “Greek Street decorated

    • Just had a search on how Oxford Street in Sidney looks, you are right indeed, very colourful building for a colourful street! I wish I’d see it live one day!

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