Ufogel House | Austria

I’ll start off the new year by having a look at the best houses located in mountain areas where winter comes with snow. Since I managed to skip a trip to the mountains this year I might as well just imagine myself drinking a hot chocolate by the fireplace of a fantastic house, after a long day out skiing.

This Austrian house Ufogel is a fully-furnished and functional home set on a hillside overlooking some of the best mountain views in the area. The house blends the comforts of a traditional house with the futurism o contemporary design. It is set on stilts to maximize spectacular views while minimizing the environmental impact of its construction, a design choice rarely seen outside of beach communities. Windows, both small and large, provide light to every part of the building without sacrificing personal privacy, a consideration that’s often missed in the design of compact houses.

The interior of the house is fairly minimal in style, dominated by a single wood finish and accented by clever little details in each room.


5 thoughts on “Ufogel House | Austria

    • I can see why it can be a bit hard to like it, it is not very mountany looking. I guess I appreciate the need to think of new ways of looking at this type of housing. I agree with you about the back side of the house, where the stairs are, the facade lacks charm :). Thank you for visiting!

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