The Chapel – Boutique Conversion

Aren’t you in love with refurbishment/conversions projects? I am! Especially since I can even dream of residing in on of them at one point in my life if I fancy so. I present you The Chapel, a charming chapel (obviously) conversion in England’s Forest-in-Teesdale.

This transformation was completed by Evolution Design, and they restored the once-vacant space from many years of disrepair. Now, it’s a vibrant holiday cottage called Chapel on the Hill, and it welcomes up to seven guests at a time who want to appreciate the gently rolling countryside and its timeless architecture.

Although the chapel changed significantly in its use, the designers kept the building’s original elegance intact. The Gothic-style architecture, with its original roof trusses and arched windows, remained the same. Custom panes and shutters were also installed in keeping with the historic details.

I particularly like the way the designers used the white with color accents and wood to give the rather impressive size of the building a warmer feel. Oh and the tiled featured wall, ahhh…a wonder!

The Chapel on the Hill is currently available for short stays and weekly bookings through Airbnb.

Via The Modern Met


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