House Zilvar by ASGK Design

Designed by Prague studio ASGK Design, Energy Efficient Wooden House Zilvar occupies a site surrounded by fields and forest on the outskirts of the village in the eastern Bohemia region.

energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_13The clients – a couple with a young child – asked the firm to create a low-energy house with an open-plan interior that would make its inhabitants feel more connected to the surrounding landscape. They also specified the use of wood.


In response, the architects created a house with a larch timber frame, completely clad in vertical planks of larch that have been burnt and stained to make them more hardwearing.

Large openings on the ground floor levels feature sliding glazing to open up the house when the weather is good and make the most of the heat from the sun in winter.

energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_4energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_11energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_8energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_9energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_6Huge sliding shutters made from the same timber used to clad the house offer privacy and protection, as also keep the house cool by blocking out the sun in summer.

“A microclimate of frequent rain, strong western winds and the eastern sun was taken into account, together with the need for calm and peace, away from the busy, modern world, to make the ideal year-long living,” said the architects.

The house features a roof with multiple slopes in different directions, which gives the building its unusual shape

This arrangement creates two separate bedroom areas on the upper levels at opposite ends of the house, accessed via industrial-style staircases. The open-plan ground floor encompasses a lounge area, kitchen and dining space.

energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_2energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_12energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_0energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_5energy-efficient-wooden-house-zilvar-asgk-design-czech-republic-residential_dezeen_1568_3A verandah with enclosed sides provides a sheltered outdoor area on the north-facing side of the house, with a graduated wall on the east side to provide extra protection from the weather.

The architects designed a number of features to fulfil the energy efficiency requirements of the clients, including an outer- and inner-wall structure that allows vapour to diffuse through the building. The house is slightly raised above the ground to aid climate control.

Completed in 2013, Energy Efficient Wooden House Zilvar was one of the winners in the private houses under 1,000-square-foot category at the 2016 edition of the Architizer A+Awards, which promotes and celebrate the year’s best projects and products.



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